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With the pet supply so volatile these days, and numerous companies resorting to low-quality sources for their ingredients, you should be able to feel ABSOLUTELY certain of what you’re feeding your dog. Organic products are held to strict standards of quality and sustainability, so you can be confident that your dog is getting the very best.

All the ingredients we use in our treats are HUMAN GRADE and source through human supply chains and distributors. By using the human supply chain, we’re further ensuring that no low-quality products sneak by through the pet chain. Our suppliers are shocked when they see that we are using such high-quality ingredients in a pet product, but we love it! And we wouldn’t produce our treats any other way.

All of our treats are made here in the USA, produced in Windsor Mill, MD, about 20 minutes west of Baltimore.


Organic Gourmet Doggie Treats by Perfect Compliment

 Our dog treats are made with your dog’s tummy and tongue in mind. We bake fresh and tasty ingredients into our dog treats so they are healthy and delicious! We know that caring pet owners want to be absolutely sure that what their dogs are eating is safe, as well as beneficial to their health.

Organic farming helps protect our air, soil, water, and food supply from potentially toxic chemicals and other pollutants.

Organic produce is grown without synthetic pesticides. We use no ingredients farmed with synthetic herbicides, fumigants, or fertilizers.

Organic ingredients never genetically engineered or modified, and are never irradiated.

Organic farming conserves natural resources by recycling natural materials.

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Why  Organic?